Health -The Best Demand Reduction Program

As a society, we can demand reduction from damaging drugs by learning how to achieve physical and mental health
Drugs and alcohol abuse are causing societal problems like violence, crime, disease and stupidity. People believed they could feel different, escape or block-out an unwanted experience. Drugs and alcohol don’t effectively do any of these things, but they temporarily change how the body and mind works.

One function of the body and mind is to be a vessel and portal to survive with, gain what pleasure and happiness we can and hopefully to share those gifts with others. Success and health are rewards for right living. Most want these gifts.

When attacked or losing in this game of survival, the body and mind tend to attempt destruction of the opposition, the problem and eventually itself when no other avenue is possible. And so individuals who are not skilled in living and are losing, seek to destroy perceived opposition or end up destroying themselves.

Here’s The Problem:

If a person doesn’t know how and why the body feels good or bad and how to influence it in a healthy way, they look for odd solutions
Not understanding how their own mind works, people tend to shut out the unwanted communication that it relays
Having no effective solutions (they think) available to them, eventually drugs / alcohol will be offered to them as a way to change how they think and feel
Health and Food
Many destructive and unwell attitudes and mental conditions are caused by the damage caused by too much sugar, junk food and food additives like color to the delicate nutritional balance worked at by the body and mind
Most people don’t eat a natural diet. They eat and drink what’s available and food they are addicted to
People who have the nutritional education of field mice are eating nutrition-less food products and thinking it’s a good idea. These people are all around you. Many fill the jails and support groups
Simply reducing sweet things and carbs from your diet could radically improve your health attitude, intelligence and vitality

The Human Mind

The mind is mostly a stimulus response mechanism. Try thinking of a cat and not seeing a picture. Here’s the problem, whether you see a picture or not the mind is composed of dozens of recorded perceptions and evaluations of all experience and past thought
The mind thinks in differences, similarities and identities (see’s things the same)
For those who aren’t very analytical when it comes to emotions or their hostilities, this presents a problem: an enemy is associated with many attributes and so, others could be judged an enemy by those same ill attributes
What if one’s family, friends or environment had attributes that triggered emotional dislike and the person acted that out? The person themself would try to restrain or attack itself or the things it thought were against it
Learning how to use one’s mind to see and create differences in situations is the high point of creativity.
Finding similarities and identical qualities has more to do with logic and evaluation.

Drugs corrupt one’s mind with false and misleading reactions to life situations. Drugs also poison the body or hijack the brain and body and put it into unnaturally stressful conditions.

Drugs Including Alcohol

Act like poisons by falsely suppressing or stimulating the body and brain into reacting in not normal ways
Hijack the body and use up or waste all the valuable nutrients stored up to make important repairs and proper function
Set off massive alerts in the brain like an allergy attack that makes people lethargic, uncaring, disconnected, violent, hateful, stupid, etc
Shut off specific feelings, emotions and perceptions
Learning about nutrition from a knowledgeable person in a nutritional, health food or other practice can lead you toward great health and happiness.

Learning about how the mind actually functions can move you toward freedom and major success.

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